The Take

2009 | Action & Adventure | Drama
Ended | Sky One
3.9 out of 5 stars

Freddie Jackson is released from prison in 1984 having served a four-year sentence for armed robbery. His wife Jackie, who has been waiting for him on the outside in the mistaken belief that that he wants to go straight, soon finds herself disappointed: Freddie is in fact raring to get back into the game and has set his sights on becoming top dog in the East End underworld.

Jimmy - Shaun Evans
Freddie - Tom Hardy
Maggie - Charlotte Riley
Jackie - Kierston Wareing
Lena - Margot Leicester
Ozzy - Brian Cox
Maddie - Jane Wood
Lewis - Steve Nicolson
Joseph - John Ashton
Patricia - Sara Stewart
- David Schofield
Freddie Senior - Nicholas Day
Fatik Nevzat - Sam Vincenti
Harry Prison Guard - Mark Huberman