The Last Place on Earth

1985 | Drama
Ended | ITV
3 out of 5 stars

The Last Place on Earth is a 1985 Central Television seven part serial, written by Trevor Griffiths based on the book Scott and Amundsen by Roland Huntford. The book is an exploration of the expeditions of Captain Robert F. Scott and his Norwegian rival in polar exploration, Roald Amundsen in their attempts to reach the South Pole. The series ran for seven episodes and starred a wide range of UK and Norwegian character actors as well as featuring some famous names, such as Max von Sydow, Richard Wilson, Sylvester McCoy and Pat Roach. It also featured performances early in their careers by Bill Nighy and Hugh Grant. Subsequently Huntford's book was republished under the same name. The book put forth the point of view that Amundsen's success in reaching the South Pole was abetted by much superior planning, whereas errors by Scott ultimately resulted in the death of him and his companions.

Captain R. F. Scott - Martin Shaw
Dr. 'Bill' Wilson - Stephen Moore
Fridtjof Nansen - Max von Sydow
PO Evans - Pat Roach
Cecil Meares - Bill Nighy
Roald Amundsen - Sverre Anker Ousdal
Cherry-Garrard - Hugh Grant
Lt. 'Teddy' Evans - Michael Maloney
Capt. 'Titus' Oates - Richard Morant
Scott Keltie - Richard Wilson
Lt. 'Birdie' Bowers - Sylvester McCoy
'Silas' Wright - Paul Rothery
Olav Bjaaland - Ståle Bjørnhaug
Kathleen Bruce - Mrs. Scott - Susan Wooldridge
PO Lashly - Tom Georgeson
PO Keohane - Robin Soans
Helmer Hanssen - Jan Hårstad
Sverre Hassel - Erik Hivju
Oscar Wisting - Ivar Nørve
PO Crean - Daragh O'Malley
Adolf Lindstrom - Jon Eikemo
Gran - Sven Nordin
Dimitri - Jiří Stanislav
Jorgen Stubberud - Hans Ola Sørlie
Bernard Day - Lawrence Douglas
Leon Amundsen - Per Theodor Haugen
Sir Clements Markham - Alexander Knox
Hjalmar Johansen - Toralv Maurstad
Lord Curzon - Peter Jeffrey
Lord Howard de Walden - Nickolas Grace
Mr. Barnes - Richard Todd