2007 | Animation | Comedy
Ended | YLE
4.1 out of 5 stars

Jefferson Anderson is a Finnish animated sitcom. The computer-animated series portrays a satirical view of daily events in Helsinki at a police precinct in the suburb of Pasila. The series is made by members of the same team that made the award-winning series The Autocrats, a political animated satire. In 2007, the Finnish Broadcasting Company sent Pasila to compete for the Rose d'Or.

Kyösti Pöysti (Voice) / Juhani Kontiovaara (Voice) - Jani Volanen
Rauno Repomies (Voice) - Kari Hietalahti
Tommi Neponen (Voice) / Pekka Routalempi (Voice) - Juho Milonoff
Helga (Voice) - Mari Lehtonen