2001 | Action & Adventure | Drama
Ended | ABC
3.1 out of 5 stars

Sydney Bristow, an agent who has been tricked to believe she is working for the U.S. government, is actually working for a criminal organization named the Alliance of Twelve. Upon learning this, Sydney becomes a double agent for the real CIA.

Sydney Bristow - Jennifer Garner
Arvin Sloane - Ron Rifkin
Marcus Dixon - Carl Lumbly
Marshall Flinkman - Kevin Weisman
Jack Bristow - Victor Garber
Julian Sark - David Anders
Michael Vaughn - Michael Vartan
Eric Weiss - Greg Grunberg
Francie Calfo - Merrin Dungey
Will Tippin - Bradley Cooper
Rachel Gibson - Rachel Nichols
Irina Derevko - Lena Olin
Lauren Reed - Melissa George
Kelly Peyton - Amy Acker