2000 | Family
Ended | NBC

Jason and the Argonauts is based on the classic myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece. At a young age, Jason witnesses the brutal deposement and murder of his father at the hands of his uncle Pelias. Twenty years later, Jason returns home to claim his rightful place as king, but Pelias orders him to be executed, and in order to save himself Jason is forced to go on a dangerous quest to find the legendary Golden Fleece. So Jason gathers a motley crew of men and sets sail on the Argos. This Hallmark Production was created as a two part mini-series event, starring Jason London as Jason and Jolene Blalock as Medea.

King Aeson - Ciarán Hinds
Jason - Jason London
Hercules - Brian Thompson
Argos - David Calder
Medea - Jolene Blalock
Phineas - Derek Jacobi
Hera - Olivia Williams
Pelias - Dennis Hopper
Aertes - Frank Langella
Hypsipyle - Natasha Henstridge
Zeus - Angus Macfadyen
Castor - Omid Djalili
Orpheus - Adrian Lester
Mopsus - Mark Lewis Jones
Aspyrtes - James Callis
Atalanta - Olga Sosnovska
Actor - Kieran O'Brien
Aeson's Soldier - Andrew Scarborough