Relic Hunter

1999 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Mystery | Action & Adventure
Ended | Syndication
3.5 out of 5 stars

Relic Hunter is an anglophone Canadian television series It centers around Sydney Fox who is a professor but primarily a globe-trotting "relic hunter", looking for ancient artifacts to return to museums and/or the descendants of the original owner. She is aided by her linguistic assistant Nigel and occasionally by her somewhat air-headed secretary Claudia. She often ends up battling rival hunters seeking out artifacts for the money. The series includes fantasy and science fiction elements, with many of the relics featured having genuine supernatural powers or being pieces of unusually advanced technology.

Sydney Fox - Tia Carrere
Claudia - Lindy Booth
Karen Petrusky - Tanja Reichert
Elena - Malin Åkerman