Hawaii Five-0

2010 | Action | Crime | Drama
Returning Series | CBS
3.3 out of 5 stars

Steve McGarrett returns home to Oahu, in order to find his father's killer. The governor offers him the chance to run his own task force (Five-0). Steve's team is joined by Chin Ho Kelly, Danny "Danno" Williams, and Kono Kalakaua.

Steve McGarrett - Alex O'Loughlin
Danny "Danno" Williams - Scott Caan
Adam Noshimuri - Ian Anthony Dale
Tani Rey - Meaghan Rath
Jerry Ortega - Jorge Garcia
Junior Reigns - Beulah Koale
Quinn Liu - Katrina Law
Kamekona Tupuola - Taylor Wily
Duke Lukela - Dennis Chun
Dr. Noelani Cunha - Kimee Balmilero
Lou Grover - Chi McBride