2011 | Action & Adventure | Drama
Ended | ZDF | Canal+
3.8 out of 5 stars

Borgia is a French-German-Czech historical drama television series created by Tom Fontana. The show recounts the Borgia family's rise to power and subsequent domination of the Papal States during the Renaissance. Borgia debuted in Italy via Sky Italia on 10 July 2011, and in North America via Netflix on 2 October 2011. It was since renewed for a second season, which premiered on Canal+ on March 18, 2013. Season 3 is currently in Pre-Production, and will be the end of the series.

Rodrigo Borgia - John Doman
Cesare Borgia - Mark Ryder
Vannozza Catanei - Assumpta Serna
Lucrezia Borgia - Isolda Dychauk
Giulia Farnese - Marta Gastini
Rodrigo Borgia Lanzol - Rafael Cebrian
Alfonso di Calabria - Alejandro AlbarracĂ­n
Giovanna Farnese - Babsie Steger