1994 | Mystery | Drama | Comedy
Ended | DR1
3.7 out of 5 stars

The Kingdom is the most technologically advanced hospital in Denmark, a gleaming bastion of medical science. A rash of uncanny occurrences, however, begins to weaken the staff's faith in science – a phantom ambulance pulls in every night, but disappears; voices echo in the elevator shaft; and a pregnant doctor's fetus seems to be developing much faster than is natural.

- Birgitte Raaberg
- Jens Okking
- Holger Juul Hansen
- Udo Kier
- Kirsten Rolffes
- Ernst-Hugo Järegård
- Ghita Nørby
- Søren Pilmark
- Peter Mygind
- Annevig Schelde Ebbe
- Stellan Skarsgård
- Ole Boisen
Palle Bondo - Baard Owe