The Beast

1996 | Drama | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Horror
Ended | NBC
2.9 out of 5 stars

Mysterious deaths and unexplained disappearances begin to occur in the small seaport village of Graves Point. When a large, strange claw is discovered on an empty raft washing up on the shore, marine biologist Dr. Herbert Talley identifies it as belonging to a rare giant squid.

Whip Dalton - William Petersen
Lt. Kathryn Marcus - Karen Sillas
Schuyler Graves - Charles Martin Smith
Dr. Herbert Talley - Ronald Guttman
Dana Dalton - Missy Crider
Mike Newcombe - Sterling Macer Jr
Nell Newcombe - A.J. Johnson
Lucas Coven - Larry Drake
Christopher Lane - Murray Bartlett
Hadley - Laura Vazquez
Spike - Les Hill
Bates - David Argue
Cosgrove - Matt Day