2011 | Comedy
Ended | TV6

A twisted comedy show that portrays the drinking and partying habits of the average swede in absurd, over-the-top and, most importantly, hilarious ways. A comedy drama that will make you laugh and cringe at the same time. Anything can and will happen and if it's possible to twist a joke one extra turn, it's twisted twice. "Karatefylla" is R-rated comedy dancing on the grave of good taste.

- Måns Nathanaelson
- Jim Cargill
- Dejmis Rustom
- Terran Andersson
- Fredrik Hallgren
- Veronica Kurba
- Niki Nordenskjöld
- Thess Persson
- Kim Sulocki
- Isabell Zetterström
- Tomas Åhnstrand