De halvt dolda

2009 | Drama
Ended | SVT1
3.6 out of 5 stars

The story of "The Half Hidden" is like a tapestry, in which the threads run obliquely between four different families in two different decades. Weaving recurrent patterns, the story unfolds upon the loom of our vulnerability in lives that are as brittle as the morning ice. This is the story of those who survived, and this is the story of those who did not survive.

Narrator - Bruno Årfors
Lennart - Henrik Ljung
Ragnar - Christoffer Hedén
Liam - Axel Lindqvist
Joije - Otto Flytström
Erik - Ulf Friberg
Henrik - Kristoffer Berglund
Berit - Anna Littorin
Axel - Anastasios Soulis
Anette - Ia Langhammer
Linus - Tom Ljungman
Abbe - David Dencik
David - Freddy Åsblom
Eva - Anja Lundqvist
Davids mamma - Marie Richardson
Calle - Jacob Ericksson