2015 | Crime | Drama
Ended | BBC One
3.9 out of 5 stars

Respected police officer John River, a gifted cop with a troubled mind, struggles to come to terms with the recent loss of a colleague, and chases a suspect across London - with tragic consequences. Now at odds with the authorities, River ends up in a precarious position as he seeks to bring closure to the mother of murdered teenager, who blames him for failing to keep his promise.

John River - Stellan SkarsgÄrd
Jackie 'Stevie' Stevenson - Nicola Walker
Ira King - Adeel Akhtar
Christopher Riley - Josef Altin
Cream - Eddie Marsan
Bridie Stevenson - Sorcha Cusack
Chrissie Read - Lesley Manville
Michael Bennigan - Jim Norton
Tom Read - Michael Maloney
Frankie Stevenson - Turlough Convery
Jimmy Stevenson - Steve Nicolson
Ema - Anamaria Marinca
Marianne King - Lydia Leonard
Rosa Fellows - Georgina Rich
Marcus McDonald - Owen Teale