2016 | Drama
Ended | RTÉ One | SundanceTV

A group of young men and women in Dublin in 1916 are embroiled in a fight for independence during the Easter Rising.The story begins with the outbreak of World War I. As expectations of a short and glorious campaign are dashed, social stability is eroded and Irish nationalism comes to the fore. The tumultuous events that follow are seen through the eyes of a group of friends from Dublin, Belfast and London as they play vital and conflicting roles in the narrative of Ireland's independence.

Elizabeth Butler - Charlie Murphy
Frances O'Flaherty - Ruth Bradley
May Lacy - Sarah Greene
Jimmy Mahon - Brian Gleeson
Dolly Butler - Michelle Fairley
Edward Butler - Ian McElhinney
Harry Butler - Michael Ford-FitzGerald
Stephen Duffy Lyons - Paul Reid
Vanessa Hammond - Perdita Weeks
Arthur Mahon - Barry Ward
James Connolly - Brian McCardie
Peggy Mahon - Lydia McGuinness
George Wilson - Andrew Simpson
Detective Coleman - Steve Wall
Cormac McDevitt - Barry Keoghan
Desmond Byrne - Laurence O'Fuarain
Biddy Lambert - Ann Skelly
Sir Matthew Nathan - Michael Feast
Nelly Cosgrove - Niamh Cusack
Dr Kathleen Lynn - Joanne Brennan
Ingrid Webster - Sophie Robinson
Peter Mahon - Jason Cullen
Minnie Mahon - Jordanne Jones
Gracie Mahon - Millie Donnelly
Sadie Mahon - Jaelynne Wallace Ruane
Monsignor Mulcahy - Gus McDonagh
Patrick Pearse - Marcus Lamb
Michael Collins - Sebastian Thommen
Sylvester the Butler - Ryan McAllister
Gretta the Maid - Jane Herbert
Thomas Clarke - Lalor Roddy
General William Lowe - Jack Shepherd
Fusilier McGarry - Ruairí Heading
Cpl. Stewart - Stefan Dunbar
Countess Constance Markievicz - Camille O'Sullivan
Blimey O'Connor - James Craze
Constable James O'Brien - Barry Barnes
Michael Molloy - John Connors
Archbishop William Walsh - Barry McGovern
Sgt. MacAuley - Paul McCloskey
Lofty Lloyd - Adrian Hudson
William Wylie - Charlie Bonner
Brig. Blackwell / Brig. Blackader - Mark Lambert
Fusilier O'Hanlon - Charlie Kelly
Milo - Eemeli Louhimies
Capt. Heathcote - Andrei Alen
Lt. Mick Malone - Ian Toner
Charles Hammond - Tom Turner