2006 | Drama
Ended | SVT1
0 out of 5 stars

Right before Christmas Charlotte Ekeblad is given an offer she hardly can refuse, to become a minister in the Swedish Parliament. As minister of environment she is put in a position with no greater power, yet the prime minister comes out as a modern and open minded leader with a young woman in his staff. Charlotte Ekeblad though, is torn between a family life as a woman, and the opportunity to make a career. In the middle of this stands a husband not really sure what to think of becoming number two in the family, and a resistance in the male domination of the government. The pressure builds up and the marriage starts to shake in its foundations. It's time for Charlotte to ask herself if the price for the ability to change is too high.

Charlotte Ekeblad, miljöminister - Alexandra Rapaport
Thomas Ekeblad - Ulf Friberg
Per Viksten, statsminister - Kenneth Milldoff
Elisabeth Meyer, utrikesminister - Suzanne Reuter
Gert Jakobsson, finansminister - Reine Brynolfsson
Ivar Hellenius, näringsminister - Sven Ahlström
Henrik Sand, statssekreterare i miljödepartementet - Peter Schildt
Jakob Steen, politiskt sakkunnig - Daniel Götschenhjelm