Cruel Doubt

1992 | Crime | Drama
Ended | CBS
2.3 out of 5 stars

A college student and two friends are accused of murdering one's stepfather and injuring his mother whom refuses to believe her son had anything to do with the attack.

Neal Henderson - Neal McDonough
Frank Johnston - Ben Masters
Attorney Jim Vos Burgh - John C. McGinley
Angela Pritchard - Gwyneth Paltrow
George Bates - G. D. Spradlin
Attorney Wade Smith - Kenneth Welsh
Bill Osteen - Ed Asner
Bonnie Von Stein - Blythe Danner
Chris Pritchard - Matt McGrath
Leith Von Stein - Denis Arndt
Det. John Taylor - Adam Baldwin
Tom Brereton - Dennis Farina
Lewis Young - Miguel Ferrer
Police Chief John Crone - William Forsythe
Josh Duggan - David Arquette
Skeptical Neighbor - Kathy Kinney