1979 | Kids
Ended | SVT1
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Katitzi Taikon is a gypsy girl who at first lives at an orphanage. She is not happy there, so she is returned to her family. The Taikon's live at different camps. They are pushed by police and authorities.

Katitzi Taikon - Sema Sari
Johan Taikon, Katitzis pappa - Janne 'Loffe' Carlsson
Pavlena "Lena" Taikon, Katitzis äldre syster - Meryem Özkanat
Rosa Taikon, Katitzis äldsta syster - Angelina Amico
Paul Taikon, Katitzis äldre bror - Kjell Bergqvist
Katitzis styvmor - Monica Zetterlund
- Tom Zacharias
Emma Larsson - Catrin Westerlund
- Jarl Borssén