Season 1, Episode 1
No One Likes To See That
Aired: 25.January.1996

Following a successful pilot, this exciting police drama returns for a series. It's based on the Metropolitan Police's Armed Robbery Squad. The crack officers are hunting a prisoner who has blasted his way out of jail with explosives. DI Charlie Scott, leads his elite band of officers in hot pursuit.

The squad investigates a security van robbery which looks like an inside job. Meanwhile, escaped convict Dennis Worsley wants revenge – and Tate is top of his list.

Season 1, Episode 2
Company of Strangers
Aired: 01.February.1996

The squad is after a gang that's robbing banks in order to repay a debt they owe to a gangster, but DC Oxford's attempts to nail the gang put his informant, Marcus, in danger. Tate finds himself alone and unarmed in a deadly confrontation.

Season 1, Episode 3
Whispers in the Dark
Aired: 08.February.1996

DS Helen Ash finds herself torn between work and home when she's put in charge of a large-scale stake-out operation to catch a gang of armed robbers. It's an important assignment, but Helen's husband David, who's also a police officer, is doing everything he can to make her job harder. He's jealous of her position as a detective sergeant in the Flying Squad while he's only a constable, he wants her to transfer out of the Squad, but she lives for her job and she can't let go. When David refuses to look after their children, Helen has to leave her observation point to go home. But where does that leave the rest of her team?

A serious of violent robberies prompts the Armed Robbery Squad to launch a he-tech surveillance operation on the suspect, Gil Rogers. However, he uses his army training to stay ahead of the squad – until Ash makes a shocking discovery.

Season 1, Episode 4
Wild Card
Aired: 15.February.1996

Season 1, Episode 5
Lie Down with Dragons
Aired: 22.February.1996

Season 1, Episode 6
Hungry Ghosts
Aired: 29.February.1996

Season 1, Episode 7
The Outcasts
Aired: 07.March.1996

Season 1, Episode 8
Aired: 27.July.1996