A for Andromeda


Season 1, Episode 1
The Message
Aired: 03.October.1961

In the year 1970, a new giant radio telescope is unveiled. As Professor Reinhart and his staff are testing it out something unexpected is heard beyond the usual background static of outer space and changes their lives.

Season 1, Episode 2
The Machine
Aired: 10.October.1961

The radio message received through the telescope has sent the country into panic mode. Scientists, military, and internationals are all competing to find out what the information contains. It seems that the only one with the answer is a young scientist named John Fleming.

Season 1, Episode 3
The Miracle
Aired: 17.October.1961

Scientist John Fleming thinks the message from outer space is actually a plan to build a super computer. Unknown to him, his colleague, Dennis Bridger sells this secret information to an international cartel and soon someone following Bridger is murdered. The computer is eventually built, but the only one who can understand what it prints out is Fleming.

Season 1, Episode 4
The Monster
Aired: 24.October.1961

Fleming and Bridger have discovered that the messages are coming from the constellation Andromeda. With the help of the computer, the scientists end up producing a synthesized living organism. Bridger is soon arrested after it is found out that he was the one selling the secret information, but he ends up escaping.

Season 1, Episode 5
The Murderer
Aired: 31.October.1961

Professor Dawnay somehow succeeds in making the synthesized creature grow. However, the computer cannot communicate with the creature. Fleming suggests that they find a way to arrange a direct electrical supply between it and the machine.

Season 1, Episode 6
The Face of the Tiger
Aired: 07.November.1961

The computer begins to show just how powerful it is. Even though Fleming warns her to stop, Dawnay continues to use the computer for her experiments, even after it has killed one of her assistants. The final result of the experiment ends up being a female human body, which they all decide to name Andromeda. However, as it begins to grow up it begins to show a startling resemblance to the dead Christine. Soon the Prime Minister has to turn to the computer and Andromeda for help in an escalating international crisis.

Season 1, Episode 7
The Last Mystery
Aired: 14.November.1961

The computer and Andromeda gives the government a rocket which is capable of intercepting and destroying any space satellite. Everyone is excited, but Fleming who thinks that nothing but terror can come from this. To try and end it, he tries to sabotage the computer to horrifying results.

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