Being Human


Season 1, Episode 1
Flotsam and Jetsam
Aired: 25.January.2009

The 3 housemates are discovering the difficulties of living in the human world, with vampire Mitchell struggling to repress his desire for blood, ghost Annie being confronted by another ghost from her past, and werewolf George looking for a place he can undergo his transformation in safety.

Season 1, Episode 2
Aired: 01.February.2009

Mitchell decides to invite the neighbours around for some tea and chat to try and make them feel like they are part of the community and to feel human. George gets a visit from a werewolf named Tully who tries to be the friend that George has always wanted until he makes a confession about his real reasons for finding George. Meanwhile Mitchell resists his urges for blood and Herrick discovers where they live.

Season 1, Episode 3
Ghost Town
Aired: 08.February.2009

Annie is taken to a bar by Mitchell and George to try and cheer her up on what would have been her wedding day. They introduce her to another ghost named Gilbert who died in 1985; together they try to figure out why she's trapped in limbo. Meanwhile Lauren won't leave Mitchell alone and George finds out that a nurse at work named Nina has taken a shine to him.

Season 1, Episode 4
Another Fine Mess
Aired: 15.February.2009

Mitchell makes the acquaintance of a 12-year old and his mother. Bernie reminds him of his own childhood. However, things take a turn for the worse when the kid accidentally stumbles upon something he shouldn't see. As for George, he decides to tell Nina of his status as a werewolf. Annie tries to deal with what she learned about Owen.

Season 1, Episode 5
Where the Wild Things Are
Aired: 22.February.2009

Mitchell has rejoined the ranks of the vampires and is on board to recruit humans to increase their numbers. Annie wants to make Owen pay or confess and she tries to scare him but Owen does not react like any normal person would. As for George, he's trying to help her out in any way he can.

Season 1, Episode 6
Bad Moon Rising
Aired: 01.March.2009

Herrick missed his aim and Mitchell is still alive, so his only option is to face Herrick one on one to stop the suffering and end the imminent rising of the vampires. Meanwhile Annie has a difficult decision to make.

Season 2, Episode 1
Cure and Contagion
Aired: 10.January.2010

Mitchell, George and Annie find themselves being tracked by two mysterious strangers, a Professor Jaggat and Kemp, after finding out that Vampires, Werewolves and Ghosts exist, they will do anything in their power to rid this world of such abominations. Meanwhile Annie who is now in control of her visibility to humans, decides to get a job, and George is finding it hard to cope with his involvement in the death of Herrick.

Season 2, Episode 2
Serve God, Love Me and Mend
Aired: 17.January.2010

An old troubled friend pays Mitchell a visit, but is he willing to help. George and Nina continue to argue bringing another stress into their relationship and Annie beings to obsess about Saul believing he may be the man of her dreams but something is coming to haunt Saul and it is not Annie.

Season 2, Episode 3
Long Live the King
Aired: 24.January.2010

Depressed by Nina's leaving him, George attempts to take his mind off it by helping Annie. Mitchell attempts to form order within the vampire community which has been in chaos since the death of Herrick, Meanwhile Nina makes a decision she may regret.

Season 2, Episode 4
Educating Creature
Aired: 31.January.2010

Annie finds herself a new friend who agrees to help her keep death at bay. Mitchell finds himself slipping further into the darkness when his vampire controlling plans take a turn for the worse, meanwhile George tries to put Nina in the past and finds himself a new girlfriend.

Season 2, Episode 5
The Looking Glass
Aired: 07.February.2010

George and Mitchell continue their respective relationships with Sam and Lucy while Annie is thrown into the world of motherhood when she is left to look after a baby ghost.

Season 2, Episode 6
In the Morning
Aired: 14.February.2010

Sam puts George on the spot while Lucy reacts to sleeping with Mitchell. Annie helps a charlatan and ends up getting personally involved.

Season 2, Episode 7
Aired: 21.February.2010

Nina returns, throwing George into confusion, while Kemp offers to help Annie pass to through the door. Mitchell finds out about the truth of the vampire massacre and swears revenge on Lucy.

Season 2, Episode 8
All God's Children
Aired: 28.February.2010

Mitchell becomes so angry that his friends fear they must save him from himself. However, they will need saving themselves from Professor Jaggat's experiments.

Season 3, Episode 1
Aired: 23.January.2011

George is arrested just before a full moon and Mitchell must deal with his haunting past before attempting to save Annie from purgatory.

Season 3, Episode 2
Adam's Family
Aired: 30.January.2011

Adam is a teenage vampire who relies on his father for blood, and when he is discovered by George and Nina, they want to help him out. Meanwhile, Annie offers to be Mitchell's 'guardian angel' to thank him for saving her, but Mitchell is still guilt-ridden over the incident in the train.

Season 3, Episode 3
Type 4
Aired: 06.February.2011

Annie meets a loud drunk girl named Sasha, who turns out to be a zombie. Mitchell meets his number one fan, who idolizes him for his past. Meanwhile, George and Nina suffer repercussions from what they did as wolves.

Season 3, Episode 4
The Pack
Aired: 13.February.2011

Concerned how their baby will turn out, George and Nina seek out Tom for answers. Mitchell begins to doubt McNair's intentions toward him.

Season 3, Episode 5
The Longest Day
Aired: 20.February.2011

Annie, George and Mitchell deal with someone from their past. Meanwhile Nina finds the secret that Mitchell has be hiding in the Attic.

Season 3, Episode 6
Daddy Ghoul
Aired: 27.February.2011

George gets news of his father, and Mitchell is questioned regarding the box Tunnel 20 murders. Annie seeks to investigate and solve the case and Herrick suffers terrible withdrawal.

Season 3, Episode 7
Though the Heavens Fall
Aired: 06.March.2011

With four werewolves in the house, Mitchell is feeling the pressure. However, does one of the nomadic wolves have an ancient score to settle? Meanwhile the police begin to close in.

Season 3, Episode 8
The Wolf-Shaped Bullet
Aired: 13.March.2011

Nina fights to stay alive, Annie goes back to Purgatory to meet with Lia, and Mitchell allies himself with Herrick to prevent the prophecy from coming true.

Season 4, Episode 1
Eve of the War
Aired: 05.February.2012

George, Annie and Tom return to the B&B, things aren't well however, with Mitchell willingly taken from this world. The werewolf baby the guys must now look after attracts the attention of some vampire overlords called The Old Ones.

Season 4, Episode 2
Being Human 1955
Aired: 12.February.2012

When a supernatural trio turns up at Annie's doorstep, one of them an aging and dying werewolf, she and Tom try to help. Tom is suspicious however when one of the strangers, a vampire, seems to take an interest in the baby.

Season 4, Episode 3
The Graveyard Shift
Aired: 19.February.2012

Hal is horrified at the thought of getting a job so that he may function in the real world. Regus persuades Annie that the Vampires pose a terrible threat to baby Eve.

Season 4, Episode 4
A Spectre Calls
Aired: 26.February.2012

Honolulu Heights is paid visit by a charismatic ghost from the 70s called Kirby. The group become quite taken with him, except for Hal, who is suspicious of Kirby, who in turn takes an instant disliking to Hal.

Season 4, Episode 5
Hold the Front Page
Aired: 04.March.2012

Adam the 40 year old vampire trapped in a teenager's body, turns up at Honolulu Heights with his head mistress-lover in tow.

Season 4, Episode 6
Puppy Love
Aired: 11.March.2012

Hal risks catalizing his bloodlust when he's goes on a date, Annie helps Emrys find some peace, and Tom's lovelife maybe be on the up.

Season 4, Episode 7
Making History
Aired: 18.March.2012

Hal succumbs to his hunger before his second date with Alex, and Annie is given a terrible task by an enigmatic woman from the future.

Season 4, Episode 8
The War Child
Aired: 25.March.2012

Hal fights his inner demon when Mr. Snow invites him back to the fold, and Annie comes to terms with the horrific task she must complete.

Season 5, Episode 1
The Trinity
Aired: 03.February.2013

Alex adjusts to life as a ghost and living with a vampire and a werewolf. The toxic Captain Hatch is also introduced in this episode, hiding a dark secret.

Season 5, Episode 2
Sticks and Ropes
Aired: 10.February.2013

An employee of the month is instigated at the hotel with the Captain using his powers of influence to turn Hal and Tom against each other. Alex finds that she is not the only ghost residing in Honolulu Heights.

Season 5, Episode 3
Pie and Prejudice
Aired: 17.February.2013

A werewolf named Larry takes Tom under his wing, but Hal doubts his honesty. Hal reluctantly introduces Alex to a two hundred and fifty year old ghost called Lady Mary.

Season 5, Episode 4
The Greater Good
Aired: 24.February.2013

Tom struggles to introduce an isolated 1980's werewolf - Bobby, to modern day life. Crumb comes to stay at Honolulu Height for a bit of rehab.

Season 5, Episode 5
No Care, All Responsibility
Aired: 03.March.2013

Tom takes a liking to a girl named Natasha, but things turn nasty when he finds out that Hal has been drinking from her.

Season 5, Episode 6
The Last Broadcast
Aired: 10.March.2013

With the Devil gaining his strength, Hal, Tom and Alex put their differences aside and agree to pay the ultimate price to vanquish him.

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