Upstairs Downstairs


Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 26.December.2010
Status: Ended

Revival of the iconic '70s series. Life in a London townhouse in the late 1930s, where the fates of the servants 'downstairs' and their masters 'upstairs' are intimately linked.

Sir Hallam Holland - Ed Stoppard
Ivy Morris - Ellie Kendrick
Maud - Eileen Atkins
Caspar Landry - Michael Landes
Lady Agnes Holland - Eileen Atkins
Beryl Ballard - Laura Haddock
Rose Buck - Jean Marsh
Warwick Pritchard - Adrian Scarborough
Clarice Thackeray - Anne Reid
Mr Amanjit Singh - Art Malik
Eunice McCabe - Ami Metcalf
Lady Agnes Holland - Keeley Hawes
Lady Persephone Towyn - Claire Foy
Dr. Blanche Mottershead - Alex Kingston
Johnny Proude - Nico Mirallegro
Harry Spargo - Neil Jackson