The Hour


Network: BBC Two (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 19.July.2011
Status: Ended

Critically-acclaimed drama set behind the scenes of a 1950s BBC current affairs programme.

Wallace Sherwin - Ken Bones
Douglas Owen - John Bowe
Lady Elms - Juliet Stevenson
Bel Rowley - Romola Garai
Freddie Lyon - Ben Whishaw
Angus McCain - Julian Rhind-Tutt
Sissy Cooper - Lisa Greenwood
Lix Storm - Anna Chancellor
Lord Elms - Tim Pigott-Smith
Marnie Madden - Oona Chaplin
Ruth Elms - Vanessa Kirby
Clarence Fendley - Anton Lesser
Isaac Wengrow - Joshua McGuire
Hector Madden - Dominic West