The Forsyte Saga


Network: ITV (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 07.April.2002
Status: Ended

This sexy and powerful drama spans three generations of the upwardly mobile Forsyte family at the turn of the 20th century and is based on the classic novels by Nobel Prize-winning author John Galsworthy.

Soames Forsyte - Damian Lewis
James Forsyte - John Carlisle
Phillip Bosinney - Ioan Gruffudd
Aunt Ann Forsyte - Judy Campbell
Irene Heron Forsyte - Gina McKee
Uncle Swithin Forsyte - Robert Lang
Young Jolyon Forsyte - Rupert Graves
Aunt Juley Forsyte Small - Wendy Craig
June Forsyte - Gillian Kearney
Montague "Monty" Dartie - Ben Miles
Old Jolyon Forsyte - Corin Redgrave
Winifred Forsyte Dartie - Amanda Root
Aunt Hester Forsyte - Ann Bell
Emily Forsyte - Barbara Flynn
Annette Lamotte Forsyte - Beatriz Batarda

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