Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 20.November.2012
Status: Ended

Celia and Alan are both widowed and in their seventies. When their respective grandsons put their details on Facebook, they rediscover a passionate relationship that started over sixty years ago.

Lawrence - Louis Greatorex
Celia Dawson - Anne Reid
Raff - Josh Bolt
Caroline - Sarah Lancashire
John - Tony Gardner
Alan Buttershaw - Derek Jacobi
Gillian - Nicola Walker
Robbie - Dean Andrews
Kate - Nina Sosanya
Ellie - Katherine Rose Morley
William - Edward Ashley
Judith - Ronni Ancona
Harry - Paul Copley
Gary Jackson - Rupert Graves
William - Dean Smith
Paul - Sacha Dhawan
Olga - Lorraine Burroughs

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