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Premiered: 15.June.2017
Status: Running

Georgina is newly married to billionaire Constantine Clios when he is killed in a yacht explosion. She is shocked to discover the fortune that maintained his immaculate, ever-so-tasteful lifestyle is tainted with dishonesty, double-dealing, crime, and ultimately murder.

Helped by Constantine's first wife, Georgina will undergo an education in lying, double-dealing, outright theft and shocking criminality. She has to learn fast to maintain the Clios mansion and save the family from its enemies and from itself. Hiding her bloodstained fingers inside Chanel gloves, she soon reveals herself to be an A-plus student in the brutal art of survival.

Georgina Clios - Julia Stiles
Christos Clios - Dimitri Leonidas
Irina Atman - Lena Olin
Adriana Clios - Roxane Duran
Constantine Clios - Anthony LaPaglia
Jakob Negrescu - Yigal Naor
Adam Clios - Iwan Rheon
Robert Carver - Adrian Lester
Karim Delormes - Amr Waked
Lady Cassandra Eltham - Juliet Stevenson
Daphne Al-Qadar - Poppy Delevingne
Nico Eltham - Jack Fox
Raafi Al-Qadar - Alex Lanipekun
Grigory Litvinov - Даниил Воробьёв
Commissaire de police - Vincent Pérez
Jeff Carter - Will Arnett
Geoffrey Anderton - Nicholas Rowe
Nadia - Nora Arnezeder
Inspector Jukes - Philip Davis
Noah Levy - Grégory Fitoussi
Gabriel Hirsch - Rupert Graves

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