Tin Star


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Premiered: 07.September.2017
Status: Running

A contemporary take on the Western genre, Tin Star tells the story of Jim Worth, an ex-Metropolitan Police detective who starts a new life in Canada's Rocky Mountains.

Set in a remote Canadian mountain town, where the opening of a new oil refinery fronted by the mysterious Mrs. Bradshaw introduces the small town to a world of drug-dealers, prostitution and organized crime. Police chief Jim Worth is thirsty for revenge after the murder of a member of his family.

Jim Worth - Tim Roth
Anna Worth - Abigail Lawrie
Angela Worth - Genevieve O'Reilly
Constable Denise Minahik - Sarah Podemski
Whitey Brown - Oliver Coopersmith
Elizabeth Bradshaw - Christina Hendricks
Frank Kane - Ian Puleston-Davies
Constable Nick McGillen - Ryan Kennedy
Randy - Lynda Boyd
Louis Gagnon - Christopher Heyerdahl
Sarah Nickel - Anamaria Marinca
Rosa Nickel - Jenessa Grant
Johan Nickel - John Lynch
Reginald Godswill - Tobi Bamtefa
Johnny - Stephen Walters
Father Gregoire - Kevin Hanchard
Helen - Leanne Best
Dermot O'Hanrahan - Craig Bierko