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Premiered: 27.March.2017
Status: Running

Featuring an award-winning creative team and all-star cast, Harlots is a powerful drama set against the vibrant, cosmopolitan backdrop of 18th century Georgian London, offering a bold new take on the city's most valuable commercial activity - sex.

Lydia Quigley - Lesley Manville
Emily Lacey - Holli Dempsey
Lucy Wells - Eloise Smyth
Charlotte Wells - Jessica Brown Findlay
Nancy Birch - Kate Fleetwood
Florence Scanwell - Dorothy Atkinson
Margaret Wells - Samantha Morton
William North - Danny Sapani
Harriet Lennox - Pippa Bennett-Warner
Daniel Marney - Rory Fleck Byrne
Harcourt Fitzwilliam, Marquess of Blayne - Julian Rhind-Tutt
Lady Isabella Fitzwilliam - Liv Tyler
Thomas Haxby - Edward Hogg
Justice Cunliffe - Richard McCabe
Sir George Howard - Hugh Skinner
Justice Josiah Hunt - Sebastian Armesto
Lady Repton - Fenella Woolgar
Lord Repton - Tim McInnerny
Nathaniel Lennox - Con O'Neill
Mrs. May - Anna Calder-Marshall