No Offence


Network: Channel 4 (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 05.May.2015
Status: Running

No Offence follows a team of cops in the heart of crime. This team of cops are tough but big-hearted who go above and beyond to bring down criminals. Set on one of the worst parts of town there is a demoralizing list of crimes: drug labs, arsonists, neo-Nazis and notorious murderers. These are just a days work for this team. However when a serial killer emerges it leaves the team and DI Vivienne Deering reeling. Joined by her right-hand women DC Dinah Kowlaska and DS Joy Freers they must crack the case by whatever means possible.

PC Taz Ahmed - Neet Mohan
DS Joy Freers - Alexandra Roach
PC Jonah Mitchell - Ste Johnston
DI Vivienne Deering - Joanna Scanlan
PC Stuart O'Connell - Tom Varey
PC Tegan Thompson - Saira Choudhry
DC Spike Tanner - Will Mellor
DC Dinah Kowalska - Elaine Cassidy
Randolph Miller - Paul Ritter
Cathy Calvert - Charlie May-Clark
DS Darren Maclaren - Colin Salmon
DCI Christine Lickberg - Sarah Solemani
Donna Calvert - Claudia Adshead
Nora Attah - Rakie Ayola
Gavin - Conor MacNeill
Manni Attah - Zackary Momoh
Sgt Keith Pankani - Chook Sibtain
Sgt Ewan Murray - Felix Scott

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