Mount Pleasant


Network: Sky 1 (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 24.August.2011
Status: Ended

A who's who of British talent, from Sally Lindsay to the legendary Bobby Ball, take up residence in a homegrown comedy drama that's honest, relatable and big on laughs.

Denise - Ainsley Howard
Pauline - Paula Wilcox
Lisa - Sally Lindsay
Dan - Daniel Ryan
Bianca - Siân Reeves
Fergus - Neil Fitzmaurice
Greg - Adrian Bower
Gary - George Sampson
Charlie - David Bradley
Reverend Roger - James Dreyfus
Barry - Bobby Ball
Tanya - Samantha Womack
Ella - Nicola Millbank
Bradley - Nigel Harman
Shelley - Angela Griffin
Amber - Sophia Di Martino
Robbie - Daniel Ings
Chris - Robson Green
Kim - Claire Goose
Talia - Diane Morgan
Sue - Pauline Collins
Jack - Owen McDonnell
Kate - Liza Tarbuck
Angie - Naomi Bentley
Jim - Alexander Kirk
Lloyd - Kris Sleater