The Killing


Network: AMC (United States)
Premiered: 03.April.2011
Status: Ended

The Killing follows Seattle homicide detectives Stephen Holder and Sarah Linden and their work as detectives investigating murders. Sarah Linden takes cases very seriously and has issues keeping her work and family separate, as she pairs up with recovering addict Stephen Holder to solve dark murders.

Sarah Linden - Mireille Enos
Stephen Holder - Joel Kinnaman
Darren Richmond - Billy Campbell
Stan Larsen - Brent Sexton
Jamie Wright - Eric Ladin
Jack Linden - Liam James
Gwen Eaton - Kristin Lehman
Terry Marek - Jamie Anne Allman
Mitch Larsen - Michelle Forbes
Carl Reddick - Gregg Henry
Danette Leeds - Amy Seimetz
Belko Royce - Brendan Sexton III
James Skinner - Elias Koteas
Regi Darnell - Annie Corley
Francis Becker - Hugh Dillon
Ray Seward - Peter Sarsgaard
Bullet - Bex Taylor-Klaus
Lyric - Julia Sarah Stone
Twitch - Max Fowler
Kyle Stansbury - Tyler Ross
Lincoln Knopf - Sterling Beaumon
A.J. Fielding - Levi Meaden

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