Jack Taylor


Network: Virgin Media One (Ireland)
Premiered: 02.August.2010
Status: Ended

Self-destructive, pigheaded, and over-fond of the bottle, Jack Taylor is a forty-something ex-cop trying to earn a living as a private detective in his native Galway. Taylor has burned a lot of bridges, but he still has a knack for uncovering ugly truths. Set against the rugged backdrop of western Ireland, this crime noir series depicts a country in transition, caught between the certainties of the past and the anxieties of a post-bubble future. Those same strains play out in the life of Jack Taylor, a man seeking to reinvent himself in a community with a long memory and an uneasy attitude towards change.

Based on the bestselling crime fiction by Ken Bruen.

Jack Taylor - Iain Glen
Kate Noonan - Nora-Jane Noone
Cody Farraher - Killian Scott

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