Grange Hill


Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 08.February.1978
Status: Ended

Grange Hill is one of the most successful television children's dramas of all time. The drama takes a look at teenagers and their dilemmas in a Secondary school. Grange Hill has been running for over 20 years and many of the actors have gone on to star in other well known programmes such as Brookside, ER and Eastenders. Its Powerful storyline's, brilliant characters and superb cast. It's no wonder Grange Hill is a brilliant success. Grange Hill was previously filmed in London but now the show creator Phil Redmond has moved filming up to Liverpool so a lot of Actors have not made the move from London to Liverpool.

Mr. Robson - Stuart Organ
Mrs. McClusky - Gwyneth Powell
Mr. Hankin - Lee Cornes
Miss Carver - Sally Geoghegan
Kathy McIlroy - Sammy O'Grady
Calley Donnington - Simone Hyams
James "Arnie" Arnold - Aidan David
Justine Dean - Rachel Victoria Roberts
Robbie Wright - John Alford
Trevor Cleaver - John Drummond
Ronnie Birtles - Tina Mahon
Miss Booth - Karen Ford
Mr Maurice Bronson - Michael Sheard
Ray Haynes - Kelly George
Tucker Jenkins - Todd Carty
Trisha Yates - Michelle Herbert
Justin Bennett - Robert Morgan
Alan Humphries - George Armstrong
Benny Green - Terry Sue-Patt
Douglas "Pogo" Patterson - Peter Moran
Norman "Gripper" Stebson - Mark Savage
Samuel "Zammo" McGuire - Lee MacDonald
Roland "Roly" Browning - Erkan Mustafa
Fay Lucas - Alison Bettles
Alison Simmons - Georgia May Foote
Martin Miller - Matthew Buckley
Colin Brown - Colin Ridgewell
Mr. Eric Griffiths - George A. Cooper
Georgina Hayes - Samantha Lewis
Tanya Young - Kirsten Cassidy
Luke "Gonch" Gardener - John Holmes
Eric "Ziggy" Greaves - George Christopher
Danny Kendall - Jonathan Lambeth
Suzanne Ross - Susan Tully
Mr Geoff "Bullet" Baxter - Michael Cronin