Band of Gold


Network: ITV (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 12.March.1995
Status: Ended

After kicking her abusive husband out and in debt to a loan shark, Gina Dickson meets Carol, a prostitute who introduces her to life on the game. Confronted with the reality of life on the streets, Gina and friends decide to start their own business, in an attempt to escape the influence of loan sharks, pimps and police.

Rose Garrity - Geraldine James
Carol Johnson - Cathy Tyson
Anita Braithwaite - Barbara Dickson
Tracy Richards - Samantha Morton
George Ferguson - Tony Doyle
DCI Newall - David Schofield
Joyce Webster - Rachel Davies
Curly - Richard Moore
Steve Dickson - Ray Stevenson
Colette - Lena Headey
Bob - Anthony Milner
Dez - Ace Bhatti
DS Kershaw - Judy Browne
Smiley - Darren Tighe

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