Wild at Heart


Network: ITV (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 29.January.2006
Status: Ended

Wild at Heart catches up with British vet Danny Trevanion and his family as they strive to expand the veterinary practice and co-exist with their neighbours through a drought which grips the region. Danny's wife, Sarah, is busy juggling work and family life, and Lucy-Jo Hudson as daughter Rosie, is keen to prove herself an able vet assistant to her father while romancing bar owner Max.

Anders Du Plessis - Deon Stewardson
Olivia Adams Trevanion - Olivia Scott-Taylor
Danny Trevanion - Stephen Tompkinson
Rosie Trevanion Gifthold - Lucy-Jo Hudson
Sarah Trevanion - Amanda Holden
Alice Trevanion - Dawn Steele
Caroline Du Plessis - Hayley Mills
Nomsa Nguni - Nomsa Xaba
Charlotte Collins Trevanion - Tarryn Faye Brummage
Cedric Fatani - Thapelo Mokoena