Network: Sky 1 (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 20.February.2014
Status: Ended

The Smoke is a high octane, emotionally gripping, funny, and occasionally outrageous ensemble drama. It's tough trying to be a hero in a world that dismisses and disregards heroes - but whatever White Watch might go through, they are never beaten down, and they are always able to fall back on one another. As irreverent and emotionally charged as it is thrilling.

Big Al - Martyn Ellis
Kev Allison - Jamie Bamber
Mal Milligan - Rhashan Stone
Billy The Mince - Dorian Lough
Trish - Jodie Whittaker
Rob - David Walmsley
Little Al - Gerard Kearns
Fiona Springer - Madeline Duggan
Dennis - Taron Egerton
Ziggy Brown - Pippa Bennett-Warner