Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 18.May.2003
Status: Ended

The serial begins with the murder of a young man, in what appears to be a drug-related killing, and the apparently coincidental death of Sonia Baker, the young researcher for MP Stephen Collins (Morrissey). As the deaths are investigated by journalist Cal McCaffrey of The Herald (Simm) and his colleagues (including Kelly Macdonald as Della Smith and Bill Nighy as editor Cameron Foster) it appears that not only were the deaths connected, but that a conspiracy links them with oil industry-backed corruption of high-ranking British government ministers.

Stephen Collins - David Morrissey
Della Smith - Kelly MacDonald
Dominic Foy - Marc Warren
Anne Collins - Polly Walker
Helen Preger - Amelia Bullmore
Pete Cheng - Benedict Wong
Dan Foster - James McAvoy
DCI William Bell - Philip Glenister
Liz - Rebekah Staton
Cameron Foster - Bill Nighy
Cal McCaffrey - John Simm