Blake's 7


Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 02.January.1978
Status: Ended

In this British series by Terry Nation, Blake is a rebel framed for pedophilia. En route to a penal colony, Blake convinces several of his fellow prisoners to revolt. They find an alien spaceship and strike out to bring down the Empire. Some of them want freedom, some of them want money, some of them want to be left alone. Together, they are... Blake's 7.

Jenna Stannis - Sally Knyvette
Roj Blake - Gareth Thomas
Vila Restal - Michael Keating
Gan - David Jackson
Kerr Avon - Paul Darrow
Zen - Peter Tuddenham
Cally - Jan Chappell
Servalan - Jacqueline Pearce
Del Tarrant - Steven Pacey
Dayna Mellanby - Josette Simon

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