Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 13.May.2002
Status: Ended

Tense drama series about the different challenges faced by the British Security Service as they work against the clock to safeguard the nation.

A team of agents in the British security intelligence service work to protect the U.K. from terrorists and other threats to national security. A repackaged version of the BBC series "Spooks," "MI-5" follows a counterterrorism unit based in the highly secure suite of offices called The Grid, where Harry Pearce oversees the team and deals with the often dirty politics of the spy game.

Harry Pearce - Peter Firth
Tom Quinn - Matthew Macfadyen
Malcolm Wynn-Jones - Hugh Simon
Danny Hunter - David Oyelowo
Zoe Reynolds - Keeley Hawes
Tessa Phillips - Jenny Agutter
Jed Kelley - Graeme Mearns
Helen Flynn - Lisa Faulkner
Ruth Evershed - Nicola Walker
Dimitri Levendis - Max Brown
Erin Watts - Lara Pulver
Calum Reed - Geoffrey Streatfeild
Tariq Masood - Shazad Latif
Lucas North - Richard Armitage
Beth Bailley - Sophia Myles
Ros Myers - Hermione Norris
Jo Portman - Miranda Raison
Connie James - Gemma Jones
Ben Kaplan - Alex Lanipekun
Adam Carter - Rupert Penry-Jones
Zafar Younis - Raza Jaffrey
Colin Wells - Rory MacGregor
Fiona Carter - Olga Sosnovska
Sam Buxton - Shauna MacDonald