Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 18.October.1981
Status: Ended

Alcoholic and divorced father of a young daughter, DS Jim Bergerac is a true maverick who prefers doing things his own way, and consequently doesn't always carry out his investigations the way his boss would like.

Jim Bergerac - John Nettles
DC Ben Lomas - David Kershaw
Charlotte - Annette Badland
Albert Leufroid - Michael Mellinger
Peggy Masters - Nancy Mansfield
Susan Young - Louise Jameson
Danielle Aubry - Therese Liotard
Marianne Bellshade - Celia Imrie
Deborah Bergerac - Deborah Grant
Francine Leland - Cécile Paoli
Chief Insp. Barney Crozier - Sean Arnold
DC Willy Pettit - John Telfer
Charlie Hungerford - Terence Alexander
Ellie - Charmaine Parsons