Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 11.November.2004
Status: Ended

In this dark, musical comedy, Ripley Holden is an arcade owner in Blackpool, married to Natalie Holden. When a body is found in the arcade one day, a police investigation, headed by DI Peter Carlisle--the man Natalie is having an affair with--begins a series of events that will spiral Ripley's life out of control.

DCI Jim Allbright - David Hounslow
Hallworth - David Bradley
Danny Holden - Thomas Morrison
Steve - Kevin Doyle
Ruth - Jacqueline Pillon
Ripley Holden - David Morrissey
D.C. Blythe - Bryan Dick
DI Peter Carlisle - David Tennant
Adrian Marr - Steve Pemberton
Natalie Holden - Sarah Parish
Shyanne Holden - Georgia Taylor
Terry Corlette - John Thomson
Hailey - Lisa Millett

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