Great Night Out


Network: ITV (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 11.January.2013
Status: Ended

Comedy about four thirtysomething men who gather for a weekly night on the tiles in Stockport, as they try to help each other solve problems surrounding work, romance and family. Would-be alpha male Hodge narrowly dodges wife Kath's fury after botching the plans for their wedding anniversary party - and then he and the other lads get waylaid on the way to the venue after stopping to help a worse-for-wear companion.

Mrs. B - Susie Blake
Hodge - Lee Boardman
Julie - Christine Bottomley
Glyn - Craig Parkinson
Warren - Ricky Tomlinson
Kath - Rebekah Staton
Beggsy - William Ash
Daz - Stephen Walters
Colleen - Naomi Bentley