Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 22.October.1981
Status: Ended

Created by Lavinia Warner, Tenko told the forgotten real-life story of the women prisoners of the Japanese who for three-and-a-half years suffered severe privations in barely habitable Sumatran camps. Written by Jill Hyem, Anne Valery and Paul Wheeler, the series followed the experiences of one particular group of women from the Fall of Singapore in February 1942 and their subsequent internment, through to their liberation in September 1945 and their ensuing attempts to rebuild their shattered lives. A feature-length reunion special set in 1950, rounded off the series.

Marion Jefferson - Ann Bell
Major Yamauchi - Burt Kwouk
Sister Ulrika - Patricia Lawrence
Mrs. Domenica Van Meyer - Elizabeth Chambers
Kate Norris - Claire Oberman
Nellie Keene - Jeananne Crowley
Sally Markham - Joanna Hole
Blanche Simmons - Louise Jameson
Dr. Beatrice Mason - Stephanie Cole
Daisy Robertson - Anna Lindup
Alice Courtenay - Cindy Shelley
Christina Campbell - Emily Bolton
Miss Hasan - Josephine Welcome
Debbie Bowen - Karin Foley
Maggie Thorp - Lizzie Mickery
Sylvia Ashburton - Renée Asherson
Verna Johnson - Rosemary Martin
Rose Miller - Stephanie Beacham
Dorothy Bennett - Veronica Roberts
Lady Jocelyn "Joss" Holbrook - Jean Anderson
Lillian Cartland - Philippa Urquhart
Kasaki - Takahiro Oba
Shinya - Takashi Kawahara
Capt. Sato - Eiji Kusuhara