New Street Law


Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 04.May.2006
Status: Ended

New Street Law is a British legal drama television series produced by Red Production Company in association with One-Eyed Dog Ltd for BBC One. The series was created by G. F. Newman and Matthew Hall, and starred an ensemble cast headed by John Hannah and Paul Freeman.

Hannah and Freeman play Jack Roper and Laurence Scammel respectively, two barristers heading rival chambers in Manchester. Roper's chamber works in defence, while Scammel—Roper's one-time mentor—works for prosecution. A large supporting cast played members of Roper and Scammel's teams.

Jack Roper - John Hannah
Laurence Scammel QC - Paul Freeman
Sally Benn - Jayne Ashbourne
Laura Scammel - Lisa Faulkner
Honor Scammel - Penny Downie
Judge Ken Winyard - Don Warrington
Al Ware - Chris Gascoyne
Charlie Darling - John Thomson
Annie Quick - Lara Cazalet
Joe Stevens - Lee Williams