Network: ITV (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 28.August.2016
Status: Running

Victoria comes to the throne at a time of great economic turbulence and resurgent republicanism – and died 64 years later the head of the largest empire the world had ever seen, having revitalised the throne's public image and become ‘grandmother of Europe'. The first series of Victoria, will tell the story of the first years of the reign, beginning with the moment of the Queen's accession in 1837, following her first faltering steps from capricious, hormonal teenager with a weak grasp on her duties and responsibilities to her marriage to Albert. The show is a saga of interlocking circles – the circuits of power in Buckingham Palace and Westminster, the intermarrying royal houses of Europe and the scandals of the below-stairs palace staff. At the centre stands the new Queen – a spirited, passionate woman who must, somehow, become an enduring icon of stability and strength.

Queen Victoria - Jenna Coleman
Nancy Skerrett - Nell Hudson
Archibald Brodie - Tommy Knight
Baroness Lehzen - Daniela Holtz
Penge - Adrian Schiller
Lord Alfred Paget - Jordan Waller
Charles Elmé Francatelli - Ferdinand Kingsley
Prince Albert - Tom Hughes
Prince Ernest / Duke of Coburg - David Oakes
Harriet, Duchess of Sutherland - Margaret Clunie
Sir Robert Peel - Nigel Lindsay
Duchess of Kent - Catherine Flemming
Lady Emma Portman - Anna Wilson-Jones
King Leopold - Alex Jennings
Wilhelmina Coke - Bebe Cave
Duchess of Buccleuch - Diana Rigg
Cleary - Tilly Steele
Mrs. Jenkins - Eve Myles
Edward Drummond - Leo Suter
Lord Melbourne - Rufus Sewell
Duke of Wellington - Peter Bowles
Duke of Cumberland / King of Hanover - Peter Firth
Sir John Conroy - Paul Rhys
Dr. Robert Traill - Martin Compston
King Louis Philippe - Bruno Wolkowitch
Duke of Atholl - Denis Lawson