Common as Muck


Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 07.September.1994
Status: Ended

Edward Woodward leads his gang of bin men on to the highways and driveways of William Ivory's BAFTA-nominated comedy drama. The six-man crew proves troublesome, not just for some of their 'customers' but also for the suited bureaucrats at the council offices who are ready to wave the threat of privatisation over their rebellious heads. On their rounds, Nev and his crew know every trick in the book, but life is changing and the bin men are facing the stark realities of a corporate take-over and even redundancy. Staunchly fighting for their survival, they still manage to have fun.

Sunil - Anthony Barclay
Ken - Neil Dudgeon
Marie - Michelle Holmes
Jonno - Stephen Lord
Bernard - Richard Ridings
John Parry - Roy Hudd
Nev - Edward Woodward
George Ward - Paul Kember
Denice - Nimmy March
Sharon - Kathy Burke
Christine Stranks - Lesley Sharp
Guy Simmons - Ian Mercer
Mike Roberts - Paul Shane
Foxy - Tim Healy
Jean - Shirley Stelfox
Dulcie - Freda Dowie
Mr Arnold - George Raistrick

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