Warrior | Kriger – Season 1


CC returns home to Denmark after ten years of active military service. On his last mission, he ordered his best friend, Peter, into a compound where he lost his life. To ease his guilt, CC decides to help Peter’s widow Louise who is investigating gang crime, and particularly Tom the Rocker King. CC infiltrates the gang, hoping to get close to Tom and hand him over to Louise.

CC has been invited to the Rocker stronghold by Tom who is soon taken by CC’s talents, courage and cool exterior. CC quickly gets to work and becomes curious about a major drug delivery, but cooperation with Louise is challenged when he is charged with assaulting her colleague.

CC is thriving with his comrades at the Rocker hideout, where Tom officially welcomes him into the inner circle with a waistcoat. CC manages to find out the time and place of the drug delivery, but to ensure that it goes ahead he keeps quiet about a rival gang who are keeping an eye on the Rockers, and that it may end in a gang war.