10 Year Old Norwegian Doc Picked Up By Netflix

Three part Norwegian documentary The Future of Water, written and presented by Professor Terje Tvedt of the University of Bergen, has been picked by Neflix 10 years after its first release. The series won a prestigious Gullruten award for Best TV Documentary in 2008.

The Future Of Water looks at the deeply intertwined history of humanity and fresh water which reveals looming challenges that could upend power structures around the world. In an interview with NRK, Tvedt spoke about the documentary and its acquisition by Netflix:

“To understand a society’s history and development, one must understand the relationship between nature and society. I felt that focusing on one element was essential. I try to work with a perspective that is unexplored.”

“The film puts the present and future in a long historical context and examines the deep structural processes in society. I must have managed to produce this in a way that still applies… Some things ought to have been updated, but there are no major errors in the film.”

“It is very satisfying to get some kind of recognition for the documentary by Netflix showing it… I look at it as circumstantial evidence that what I am doing isn’t nonsense.”

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