Eleven Year Olds May Be Allowed To See Adult Films

Statens Medieråd (National Media Council) in Sweden has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Culture that 11-year-olds should be allowed to watch adult rated films when accompanied by an adult.

The proposal is to allow children between 11 and 14 years of age to see 15-rated films when supervised, which would be in line with the current ruling which allows those aged 7 and up to watch an 11-rated film.

Johan Karlsson, Operations Manager at Statens Medieråd, said: “It is the adults who are responsible for the child when they see a movie. We think that this is reasonable because parents have control over the child’s media consumption in all channels: mobile, online and on TV.”

The issue of age limits was recently debated when Suzanne Osten’s film The Girl, Her Mother & The Demons was given a 15 certificate despite being billed as “a thriller for kids and a love story for adults”. As a result, only 1200 tickets were sold in its opening weekend.

It is not yet known when the Ministry of Culture will rule on the proposal.