Hotel Cæsar Celebrates 3000 Episodes With A Musical

Norwegian soap opera Hotel Cæsar is to celebrate 3000 episodes by making the entire episode a musical composed by Stein Johan Grieg Halvorsen (also known as Steinjo), and directed by Thomas Kaiser. The action unfolds as Juni Anker-Hansen (Anette Hoff) gets a severe head injury and is rushed to hospital. But while she is fighting for her life with her family around her, she has a dream in the form of a musical. Since Hotel Cæsar opened its doors in 1998, 1150

Director Suggests Kung Fury Sequel In The Works

One year and 25 million Youtube views after the release of Kung Fury, screenwriter and director David Sandberg has suggested that a sequel may be in the works. On his Instagram page, Sandberg has posted a picture of a script entitled: "Kung Fury II The Movie" bound by a red ribbon, and writes: "Today, Kung Fury turns 1... Today, the future is written... Stay tuned #happykungfuryday" Kung Fury, which premiered at Cannes last year and went on to be nominated for the European

Court Overturns Age Limit For Osten’s Demons

Suzanne Osten’s film The Girl, The Mother & The Demons will now be reclassified after a Supreme Administrative Court ruling on Friday deemed the movie to be suitable for 11 year olds. The Girl, The Mother & The Demons (Flickan Mamman Och Demonerna) is the story of 7 year old Ti and her struggle to find help for both her mentally ill mother and herself. The Statens Medieråd (National Media Council) originally classified the movie as a 15 certificate, because they believed

Chess Documentary Magnus Now Sold To 38 Countries

In an interview with Dagens Næringsliv the producer of Benjamin Ree's documentary Magnus, Sigurd Mikal Karoliussen, spoke of the potential for the film now that it has been sold to 38 countries: "Magnus has been sold to countries on three different continents, which is absolutely incredible. It shows that the story of a 'different boy', who is the best chess player of all time, is something that captivates across both culture and language." "We posted a clip on NowThis, and it has

The Fjällbacka Murders | Fjällbackamorden – Season 1

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 1. In The Eye Of The Beholder Crime author Erica and her policeman husband Patrik solve murder mysteries when the crimes of the past float to the surface in the idyllic fishing village of Fjällbacka. Erica's sister, Anna, begins a flirtation with a TV host during the recording of an antiques show. Businessman Hasse Wennerman, is found murdered, and the old painting that he brought to the show is found among Anna's belongings, making