Spring Tide | Springfloden

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 Starring: Kjell Bergqvist, Julia Ragnarsson, Johan Widerberg 2016. Returning Series Spring Tide is a ten part thriller by Rolf and Cilla Börjlind (Beck, Arne Dahl) adapted from their own best selling book. A homeless former detective (Kjell Bergqvist) and an aspiring police officer (Julia Ragnarsson) join forces to solve a cold case in which a pregnant woman was buried alive on a beach on North Koster Island.

Occupied | Okkupert

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 Starring: Henrik Mestad, Eldar Skar, Ane Dahl Torp 2015. Returning Series With a budget of 90 million crowns ($10.89 million), a cast of high profile Norwegian actors, and a story based on an idea by ​​Jo Nesbø, expectations were high for Occupied. After an environmental disaster in Norway, an environmental movement leads to the election of a Green Prime Minister. He stops oil and gas production in Norway, which results in an energy


OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 | SEASON 3 Starring: Iben Hjejle, Lærke Winther Andersen, Dar Salim 2013. Series Ended Newly divorced journalist Dicte Svendsen (Iben Hjejle) has returned with daughter Rose to her hometown of Aarhus where she is trying to escape the past and build a new future. But working as a crime reporter, she soon finds herself caught up in a case that is destined to open old wounds when she discovers the body of

Dag – Season 4

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 | SEASON 3 | SEASON 4 1. Norwegian comedy about a misanthropic relationship counsellor, his girlfriend, and his sex addict best friend. 2. Dag forces his doctor to give him sleeping pills, while Eva continues as a life coach for pregnant Annie. 3. Dag has a session with a divorced couple who now are pregnant, while Benedikt runs into a female orchestra. 4. Dorina attempts to awaken Benedikt from his stupor, while Dag is left speechless when

Boy Machine

OVERVIEW | NEWS | SEASON 1 Starring: Peter Magnusson, Jonas Karlsson, Henrik Dorsin 2015. Returning Series 15 years ago, Boy Machine was the biggest boy band in the World but split when frontman Mange wanted to pursue a solo career. When Mange is fired from his job he decides to reunite the band. He seeks out the old band members but encounters more resistance than he expected.